Sun Blade 2500 Login Screen Default

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Sun Blade 2500 Login Screen Default

Posted by Brouillard Amedee on Sunday, 16 February, 2020 10:15:57

Using Serial Consoles - (Solaris / Linux) by Jeff Hunter, Sr. Database Administrator. Overview. The following article documents some of the tips for connecting the serial port of a UNIX Server (Sun SPARC / Linux) to the serial port (console) of a Sun Server.

Raptor OpenWindows for Solaris Installation and Reference Manual Sun Blade 1000, Sun Blade 2000, Ultra 80, E250, and E450 If no other framebuffers are present in a Sun Blade 1000, Sun Blade 2000, Ultra 80, E250, or E450 then the Raptor will be the console by default, provided the board is in a valid probed PCI slot.

6 Ultra320 SCSI HBA (375-3365-01 REV 52) FCode 1.13 fails to work on all Sun Platforms, replace it with 375-3365-02 REV 50. See Problem article 1013105.1. 7 The necessary drivers (SUNWqus, SUNWqusu, SUNWqusx, & SUNWqusux) and patches for this product are not included in Solaris 8 or 9, but must be downloaded.

The asr-clear command doesn't return anything on screen, and with the reset-all command, the machine reboots, and yeeeees, cdrom boot works ! Of course, I cannot install anything, diskless Blade. But boot works, and I can access a minimal shell. But the OBP screen is awful, black on white, and really slow.

The Sun Blade 2500 Workstation Product Notes (Silver), 817-5121-14, contain late-breaking information about changes to the product and to the documentation supporting the product that became known after the documentation set was published.

The manual says 9600 8n1 is the default setting for the serial console, and I know that that setting works I recently bought a used Sun Blade 1500, and am having some trouble getting it to work. once had a bad CPU in a Blade 2500, and Sun came and swapped the whole board. They don't even